''Supporting the thousands of Michigan 4-H youth across the state are more than 17,000 caring adult volunteers who give their time to the program annually. In fact, without volunteers, 4-H wouldn’t be possible!

All 4-H volunteers are screened to ensure the safety of the children and youth (adults, too!) who are involved in our programming. After they’re screened, these caring individuals are trained by knowledgeable MSU Extension professionals and supported through a variety of MSU Extension resources. These resources include workshops, curriculum, activities and more, all of which enable and prepare volunteers to make an impact on youth across the state.

A unique sector of Michigan 4-H’s dedicated volunteer pool are the caring adult mentors. Research shows that youth benefit from supportive and caring relationships with older individuals who serve as a guide and role model. While many youth find these relationships naturally through their involvement in school, family and the community, others do not. To fill this need, MSU Extension has been creating supportive, long-term mentoring relationships for more than 20 years. Mentoring programs available through Michigan 4-H including community-based, site-based, adult-youth, peer and small group mentoring, all of which adhere to youth mentoring quality program standards and best practices.

Whether you want to mentor, become a club leader, lead a workshop, chaperone an event or something else, invest in the future of Michigan as a 4-H volunteer. By giving your time to help young people in your community, you'll be growing true leaders and empowering young people with skills for a lifetime.

For more information about volunteering with the 4-H program, visit our volunteers or mentoring pages.


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